Anrun Group Anhui Zhongrun Heavy Industry Co., Ltd

Anrun Group Anhui Zhongrun Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., established in March 2008, is located in Anhui, China. The company has a superior location and convenient transportation. It is one hour's drive from Nanjing Airport, over 300 kilometers from Shanghai, over 400 kilometers from Wuhan, and close to G5011 and G4211 highways. The company has a registered capital of RMB 57.4 million and, as of December 2022, possesses total assets of approximately RMB 500 million. Covering a vast area of 570, 000 m2, the company enjoys approximately 760 meters of shoreline along the Yangtze River. The total construction area is 35,000 m2, with 14 slipways, each over 400 meters long and 30-40 meters wide, with a total annual capacity of 500, 000 deadweight tons. Its infrastructure spans 35,000 m2, featuring 14 slipways, each exceeding 400 meters in length and 30-40 meters in width, enabling the production of ships with an annual capacity of 500,000 deadweight tons. This includes a 1,200- m2 hull cutting workshop, a 12,000- m2 section fabrication site, sectioned coating workshop that complies with PSPC standards and includes one spray and two coatings, as well as a 4,000- m2 warehouse for paint, welding rods, and equipment.

We have a comprehensive range of shipbuilding machinery, totaling 1130 units/set, including 27 gantry cranes, and 4 plasma CNC cutting machines with two ends. The daily CNC cutting capacity reaches up to 200 tons, and over 1000 units of various welding equipment and various complete processing equipment.

The company employs a total of 1320 members of crew and staff, which includes 30 R&D personnel, 27 with higher vocational, 100 with secondary vocational education, 11 professional technicians, 5 engineers, and 1 senior ship welding technician. We also benefits a senior welding engineer from Anhui Technical College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and a senior engineer, a safety expert from the Wuhu Emergency Management Bureau as our consultant.

Zhongrun Heavy Industry holds a General Steel Ship Production Enterprise Level 2 Class I Construction Certificate and is a vice president unit of the Wuhu Shipbuilding Industry Association. It’s also a council member of the Anhui Shipbuilding Engineering Society and the Anhui Green Intelligent Ship and Marine Engineering Equipment Industry Alliance. The company has obtained certifications for Quality Management System by CCS (ISO9001), Energy Management (RBT119), Quality Management (GB/T19001-2016), Environmental Management (GB/T24001-2016), and Occupational Health and Safety (GB/T45001-2020), as well as safety standardization certification. In addition, it has been recognized by multiple classification societies such as CCS, BV, and RINA. In 2014, it was honored as an outstanding private enterprise. Over the years, the company has upheld the vision of "Green shipbuilding/ People-oriented" and has earned consistent praise from domestic and international ship owners for its excellent product quality and superior technical services.

Our products include chemical tankers, oil tankers, deck barges, container ships, bulk carriers, multi-purpose ships, etc. With excellent product quality and excellent technical services, we have received unanimous praise from domestic and foreign shipowners. We have also completed 12 sets of tugboats and barges for Nova Group in Singapore. Constructed a 908 TEU container ship named "JOHAN PROSPER" for a Malaysian ship owner, a self-propelled barge named "LCT908" for CEBU SEA CHARTERERS INC. from the Philippines, and a 7600T multi-purpose vessel named "GAIVOTA" for a European ship owner, among others. The engine rooms are fully automated and unmanned, receiving consistent acclaim from ship owners. We have successfully built a 6750-ton oil tanker and a 7500-ton product tanker inspected by CCS, as well as Class 2 chemical tankers of 11500 tons, 12500 tons, and 20000 tons, each also approved by CCS. Furthermore, the company has constructed various bulk carriers of 25000 tons, 22500 tons, and 12500 tons, as well as 28000-ton and 13400-ton multi-purpose vessels, meeting the quality requirements of the technical specifications and earning high recognition from ship owners.Over the years, the company has built a total of 99 ships of various types, 37 foreign export ships, 62 domestic offshore bulk carriers, container ships, oil tankers, general cargo ships, etc.. Among them, RINA inspected 29 ships, BV inspected 3 ships, CCS inspected 15 ships, and other class inspected 52 ships.

Zhongrun Heavy Industry sees "strengthening the nation with industrial development" as its mission. In the course of our development, we have come to deeply understand that the operation of the enterprise is about maximizing the common interests of ship owners, shareholders, suppliers, employees, and society as a whole. It aims to harness the power of collaboration, pursue the ultimate, and strive for excellence. In the future, we will accelerate strategic upgrades and resource integration. Embracing the values of "rigor, inclusiveness, development, and innovation", the company will wholeheartedly work towards building a strong and reputable brand under the guidance of its new strategic objectives.

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