Corporate culture

Company goals:
Create the first brand in the shipbuilding industry at home and abroad.

Company purpose:
Maximize the interests of customers, employees, and shareholders, that is, maximize the value of the company;
Customer benefits: the use of high-quality products, thoughtful services and professional consulting improves competitiveness and enhances the image of individuals and companies;
Employee benefits: a sense of honor, job satisfaction, continuous improvement and accumulation of levels, skills and experience, upper-level income in the same industry, and broad development space;
Shareholders' interests: tangible and intangible investment income.

Enterprise spirit:
Dedication, integrity, responsibility and innovation;
Dedication: Using high-quality products and services to improve user value, we cherish this opportunity, we respect this profession, we are proud of this;
Integrity: treat people with sincerity, convince people, guarantee the interests of the company with the interests of users, and realize economic benefits with social benefits;
Responsible: All aspects of our product design, development, manufacturing, implementation and service are conscientious and meticulous;
Innovation: The essence of innovation is creative destruction. The way of innovation is creative thinking and exploration. Only through continuous self-denial and self-improvement can we create valuable products, markets and services.

Talent view:
attitude determines everything; details makes success;
people oriented. Respect knowledge and personality;
Only performance, not only education, qualifications and past credit;
Provide sufficient resources so that all employees can develop in the direction that suits them best;